Monitor and Control Internet Traffic

Published on: Sat, 8 Mar 2014

Whether we are managing small business or large enterprise; we need to have full visibility and control of the internet traffic that pass on our networks.

Most of the small and medium business looks for one solution to monitor and control internet traffic, like blocking unwanted traffic, settings bandwidth limit for each user, blocking spam emails, block websites, generating reports for each user based on their active directory user, and much more.

So, why to get separate solutions for every feature, when you can get one solution to offer all the features!

As the name implies, it does monitor internet traffic and control all your connections

Traffic Inspector

Traffic Inspector is an integrated gateway solution for monitoring and controlling internet traffic. It contains: a proxy server that provides caching and blocks unwanted resources, a simple and secure firewall to protect against network attacks, a billing system, mail gateway, routing and NAT.
Dynamic control of speed and sessions, blocking of excessive network activity, integration with Active Directory, secure authorization, web server statistics, remote access, reports.

What makes it even more powerful, is that it has an additional module for antivirus protection that scan all HTTP and FTP traffic; to detect and block all viruses from passing into your network.

It does also scan SMTP traffic to block any virus attached in the emails before they reach your mail server.

In summary, it helps you to connect all your users to the internet, and protects you from all attacks, and allows you to control access to the internet, and monitor your users.