IT Services

Network design and configuration:

If your organization is going to add new site to the network, or new connection, and you don't have an experienced IT engineer to design the network and recommend needed hardware, or make the necessary configuration changes to support the new requirement.

Then you are in the right place to seek help, no need to hire someone, our engineers are Cisco Certified Engineers with a long experience. We can help you with the design, recommend needed hardware based on your budget and make the necessary configuration changes to the network devices.

Key infrastructure setup:

Setting up a domain for an organization with all related services is not very difficult, but you have to design the domain and all services in a proper way; to avoid future troubles and support your business growth and your organization polices.

Our Engineers are Microsoft Certified, and will use all their experience to design the domain in the best way and help your organization to make or recommend the needed adjustments to support the organization policy.

IT Consulting:

Companies from all sizes depend on IT services (Internet, email, shared folders, ..etc) to do their business. So, setting up a new company required different experienced IT engineers / administrators to design and configure all required IT services.
You don't have to hire them all to design and recommend what you need to have all IT services you need to run your business.

Our experienced employees will transform your ideas and thoughts to working IT systems; by designing a complete IT system, with all recommended hardware and software you need.
We can also, help you to get good discount when you purchase software through us.

Security Consulting:

Are you sure that computers in your company are virus free? And they are not sending spam to the internet and cause you trouble with your ISP?
Is your network safe from external and internal hackers? Is your data in the servers secured?
IT is a very dynamic environment, and if you think that your network and data is safe and secure today, then you are wrong, and if it was 80% secure today, it will not be tomorrow.

We will help your organization to make a risk assessment about the overall security in the network and servers, then provide you with suggestions and help to increase the security in your organization.

Online Presence

We manage internet domain registration, and email accounts for our clients from small business through our partners, and DNS, web hosting in our own Linux servers, in addition to website design.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Build static and dynamic site (HTML, PHP).
  • Get a domain name like "", and host it on our servers.
  • Host the DNS zone on our servers with DNSSEC enabled.
  • Create an email address with Unlimited storage like:
  • Optimize the site for search engines with search engine optimization (On-site SEO)
  • Android application development for the websites we develop.

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