Privacy Policy

We appreciates your visit to our website and your interest in our services.
Protection of your privacy and data is an important matter for us.

Sections below describe what information we do collect, and how they are being handled, and our relationship with our customers.

External Links

We offer links to other websites, and their policies may differ from ours, we encourage you to read their privacy policies.


Cookies used to identify and track Information such as pages visited, country, dates and times.

Access to Servers and Services

During our consulting work and server configurations, we will access customer servers where they store business critical data with full access to the servers using highest privilege.

We understand the critically of the passwords and/or access we have been given, and thus all information we have been given for the tasks we will perform will be discarded after we finalize and finish the tasks.

Also, we are committed to inform our customers about and any security violation or breach we discover during our access to their servers.

Web Hosting

We host our customer's websites on our servers, and fully manage them, and thus we have full and unrestricted access to their sites and data.

Therefore we are fully committed to keep their data safe and prevent an unauthorized access to the site and any private or sensitive data.

Source Code

During our work, we develop scripts and/or applications to our customers to do or automate various tasks.

Hence, we are fully committed to keep the code harmless and malicious free. And will do our best to avoid human errors when running the code, and prevent it from running in a way it should not.