Storing IAS logs in an SQL database is very important for large corporations or heavily loaded IAS servers; for better management and reporting.

So, you need to boot from the CD-ROM to install an OS or to repair the current one, or for any reason, and you don't know how to do that and the computer keep booting from the hard disk, it is very easy.

Do you share the computer with your family, and have one user with all your files there.
You don't have to also share your files with them, you can create user for everyone and move his files to the new profile.

Did you set a password for BIOS, then you forget what it is, or your big brother set the password, and you still want to work on the computer.
Password can be cleared, but you will have a problem with your big brother ;)

You created a password for your windows user, but it can only protect your profile from being accessed from someone else, but if there are other users on the computer and you want to prevent all of them from accessing the computer, what should you do?

When you open the computer, it directly load windows and open your profile. But you decided that you want to protect it with a password to prevent your family or someone else from accessing your files. It's easy.

You decided that your computer could not be fixed and need to be formatted.
But guess what, you don't know how to format it :(
Don't worry, it's not that hard.

Got a new ADSL connection for home with wireless ADSL router, and don't know how to setup the router and get the connection work, and how to set a password for the wireless connection, don't worry.

Windows XP by default can only read/write in English, unless you have a localized version.
But even if you installed the language and can read/write in arabic or other right to left language, some applications still don't work properly, you need extra step.

Hibernate is a grate feature in Windows, but unfortunately not enabled by default.
Enabling procedure in Windows 7 / Vista is different than in Windows XP / 2000

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