Whether we are managing small business or large enterprise; we need to have full visibility and control of the internet traffic that pass on our networks

Did you lost an important file, and want to have that file back? Do you want to recover lost, deleted, or corrupted document, image, video, music, etc?

Can we erase the configuration on one interface on Cisco routers, without affecting any other configuration? The answer is: Yes we can!

How can we erase Cisco router configurations quickly and safely? All what we need is a simple command!

If your DNS settings are automatically assigned from your ISP and there is no option to statically assign it from your WiMAX CPE, we still can change it!

Unfortunately, Microsoft decides to not enable Telnet client on Windows 7 by default, we have to manually enable it.

If you want to kill a service in a production server, but there was more than one executable with the same name running! So, which one you are going to kill?

Are you working in a small company as a technical support, then they decide to grow up and create a domain to manage all the computers they have, but you have no idea how to do this?

The way we use laptops can affect the life of its battery; either by decreasing or increasing the laptop battery life, but we can do something to extend the battery life.

Most of us know how to open windows temp folders, but there is a faster way to open them rather than navigating the folders from My Computers.

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